Wyclef Revisits Hip-Hop Roots On 'Toussaint: St. Jean' EP
Wyclef Jean


Hi Gary,

I've been meaning to thank you for the special focus on those well-worn Hot 100 hits of all peak positions. What a great angle! We chart enthusiasts are definitely loving all the information. (Didn't know that one of my all-time favorite tunes, by none other than Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, had actually charted!)

On a world front, I would imagine that many artists, including Wyclef Jean, are heartbroken and working hard for Haiti.


Pablo Nelson
Berkeley, California

Hi Pablo,

Thanks, and you are correct about Wyclef Jean. Billboard reported that the Haiti-born singer/activist has called for international relief in the wake of the country's devastating earthquake Tuesday (Jan. 13).

Click here for the story and information on how to assist with donations.


Hi Gary,

Recently I've noticed that "The Fame" by Lady Gaga has resided at No. 1 for several weeks on the Dance/Electronic Albums chart. How long has "The Fame" ruled, and does it hold the record for most time atop that chart?


James Millen
Glen Cove, New York

Hi James,

Good timing, as "The Fame" begins its second year at No. 1 this week, extending the record for longest reign atop the chart.

Here are the titles to spend the most time in charge since Dance/Electronic Albums launched with the chart dated June 30, 2001:

53 weeks, Lady Gaga, "The Fame"
39 weeks, Gnarls Barkley, "St. Elsewhere"
34 weeks, Gorillaz, "Demon Days"
19 weeks, the Postal Service, "Give Up"
19 weeks, M.I.A., "Kala"

Louie DeVito has notched the most No. 1s Dance/Electronic Albums. With six, he boasts twice as many leaders as the Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode, DJ Skribble and Nine Inch Nails, each with three.

And, get well wishes to Lady Gaga, who was forced to postpone her scheduled concert last night (Jan. 14) due to exhaustion and dehydration. "I am so devastated," she later Tweeted to fans. "I have performed with the flu, a cold, strep throat; I would never cancel a show just based on discomfort.

"I hope you can forgive me. I love my little monsters more than anything, you are everything to me."