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Hollow Coves' 'The Woods' Tops THR's Top TV Songs Chart, Powered by Shazam

Matthew Gillam
Hollow Coves

The Australian duo's song lands at No. 1 after appearing on CBS' 'Scorpion.'

Australia's Hollow Coves rank atop THR's Top TV Songs, powered by Shazam, for December after CBS drama series Scorpion featured a remix of one of the duo's songs in its Dec. 14 episode.

Rankings for the Top TV Songs chart are based on cumulative monthly Shazam tags, as well as sales and streaming information tracked by Nielsen Music during that same period.

The GHOSTS remix of Hollow Coves' "The Woods" tops the December chart with 22,000 Shazam tags. That goes along with 3,000 digital downloads and 50,000 U.S. streams, according to Nielsen Music. To compare, the song sold far less than 1,000 downloads in November, attaining a 9,000 percent increase in sales to 2,000 sold in December. Its streaming gain was also significant, jumping 126 percent to 16,000 clicks after its Scorpion feature. Both the original version of "The Woods" and the GHOSTS update were originally released as singles in early 2015.

HBO's The Leftovers, which has helped send multiple tracks onto the Top TV Songs chart since the show's Oct. 4 second-season premiere, does so again for December, with NOVA's "Kyabe Knights" and Maxence Cyrin's "Where Is My Mind," both from the Dec. 6 season finale; the songs rank at Nos. 3 and 5, respectively. "Kyabe Knights" racked up 19,000 Shazam tags to go along with 1,000 downloads sold after moving a negligible amount in November. Meanwhile, Cyrin's piano version of the Pixies classic received 16,000 tags and sold 4,000 downloads, increasing 213 percent in sales after the episode's premiere.

At No. 6 on Top TV Songs, a pre-reunion LCD Soundsystem song swoops in with 2010's "Dance Yrself Clean," as featured on the Dec. 11 episode of Amazon's original series Transparent. The This Is Happening album cut received 11,000 Shazam tags in December, sold 1,000 downloads, and drew 416,000 U.S. streams. A few weeks later, the James Murphy-led band announced its reunion for 2016, beginning with a headlining set at Coachella in April.

See the top 10 songs list below:

1. "The Woods (GHOSTS Remix)," Hollow Coves, Scorpion (CBS)

2. "Let It Go," James Bay, The Royals (E!)

3. "Kyabe Knights," NOVA, The Leftovers (HBO)

4. "California Dreamin'," Bobby Womack, Fargo (FX)

5. "Where Is My Mind," Maxence Cyrin, The Leftovers (HBO)

6. "Dance Yrself Clean," LCD Soundsystem, Transparent (Amazon)

7. "Kingdom Fall," Claire Wyndham, The Royals (E!)

(track not yet released)

8. "Future People," Alabama Shakes, Transparent (Amazon)

9. "You Are the Man," Inez & Charlie Foxx, Scorpion (CBS)

10. "Getting It Back," Cymande, Fargo (FX)