Jamie Lynn Spears Exclusive Q&A: 'There Is No Rivalry' With Britney

Jamie Lynn Spears

As she storms Hot Country Songs with 'How Could I Want More,' Spears discusses the love she's always had for the genre, the pros and cons of her last name and her 'pop icon' big sis

You'll quickly add to your Billboard chart history next week when "Britney Jean" debuts in the Billboard 200's upper reaches. What was the experience like of recording the set's "Chillin' With You" with Britney?

It wasn't some thought-out plan for us to do a song together or anything. It was super natural the way it all went down. I had been playing her some things that I had been writing, and she really liked them, so she asked me to come to the studio with her while she worked on her album. I went with her for a few days, and she asked me to sing on one of the songs. So, I jumped in and did it!

It was fun, and the song is fun. I feel blessed to be on a song with my sister for the first time.

In addition to your own enviable Nickelodeon success, a benefit of having a big sister in the entertainment business is that you can learn valuable lessons from her career and apply them to yours.

I started working when I was very young, so I believe that taught me responsibility at a young age. I was blessed to have that experience.

As a child [ed. note: Jamie Lynn was just seven when her sister's "...Baby One More Time" entered the Billboard Hot 100 in 1998], Britney really taught me work ethic. She never expected anything from anyone and earned her way by hard work. But, she always appreciated every moment of it.

So, I learned you have to really care, and really work your ass off!

Is having the last name Spears a double-edged sword as you promote the new single? Hopefully people will judge you on what's a quickly-charting hit.

Hopefully! I think people assume that the name Spears just makes record labels' doors fly open (laughs). It may open some doors, but it's quite the opposite in certain situations. People don't want to put money and time into someone they think is just [looking] to take the easy road to success.

And, I wouldn't want to work with anyone who only worked with me just because of my last name instead of my music, anyway. I want to have people love my music first, and then love me.

Being a mom probably puts any musical success into perspective. How are you enjoying motherhood?

It really has! Being a mom makes you have to stop and think. You can't be irrational, and everything must be thought-out so that your child ultimately is always the first priority. It's been the main thing I have harped on to my team: "Maddie comes first."

As far as being a mom, I am in my element when I'm in "mom-mode." that's where I'm most confident and get my most joy, when I'm being a mom.

Bonus question: What's the Spears' family Christmas going to be like?

My dad's cooking will be going on, but who knows? You'll have to check back in on that one!

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