Jamie Lynn Spears Exclusive Q&A: 'There Is No Rivalry' With Britney

Jamie Lynn Spears

As she storms Hot Country Songs with 'How Could I Want More,' Spears discusses the love she's always had for the genre, the pros and cons of her last name and her 'pop icon' big sis

Britney Spears' new album "Britney Jean" is due to launch on next week's Billboard 200, but this week, her younger sister swoops in and steals chart headlines. Twenty-two-year-old Jamie Lynn Spears makes her first Billboard chart appearances, as "How Could I Want More" enters Hot Country Songs at No. 29 and Country Digital Songs at No. 8. The midtempo, traditional-country love song starts with 28,000 downloads sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

"I can't believe that my song has reached Billboard," Spears beams. "It's a dream come true."

Her newfound chart success follows her earlier spotlight starring on Nickelodeon's "Zoey 101" in 2005-08. After becoming a mother to daughter Maddie in 2008, Spears has returned with her self-released new single.

Chart Beat caught up with Spears upon her maiden chart arrival for her take on topics ranging from her lifelong love of country music, whether her last name can be a hindrance and her "second mom," Britney.

Billboard: Have you always been a country music fan? People might've expected you to go the pop route.

Jamie Lynn Spears: I get this question a lot, as you can imagine. I think people forget that I grew up in Louisiana, and that my father is as southern as they come (laughs). Country music was a big part of me and my dad's relationship, and still is.

I understand where people would assume I'd [be a] pop [act]. I mean, my sister is a pop icon, so I completely get where people would've expected that!

Major congratulations on your first Billboard chart hit. What can you tell us about the origins of "How Could I Want More" (a co-write with Rivers Rutherford)?

It's about having everything, and still struggling with wanting more. My experience was with a relationship at the time, but I think it's very relatable in many other situations, as well. We have all had those times in life.

I sang this song when I was in a vulnerable place, and I believe that translates onto the record. The honesty behind my voice in that moment is what I think everyone can connect to.

What plans do you have to promote the single? And, is a full album on the way?

I just want to get out there and do my part as an artist. I hope to go to every country radio station that I can and personally shake hands and give a reason to believe in me. I also want to meet as many fans as I can and play as many shows as I can for them.

I think the best way to "promote" your music is to personally take the time with people, whether it be with a fan or a label executive.

Yes, a full album is in the works!

OK, the obvious: What kind of sibling rivalry is there between you and Britney, if any? Do you plan to tease her with your new chart success? More seriously, I'm guessing that you share a relationship, as sisters, that's unique and all yours, away from prying paparazzi.

Me and Brit, I'm sure no one believes me when I say, there is no rivalry! You have to remember that we are 10 years apart, so I always saw her as a second mom. We have fun like only sisters can, but we don't have that young sibling rivalry.

She was one of the first people to call and tell me how proud she was of the success of ['More'], so charts won't come between me and her – never will!