Debbie Gibson, Tiffany Preview Syfy Film In New York

Last night (Jan. 24), '80s teen queens Debbie Gibson and Tiffany celebrated the release of their two-decades-in-the-making TV movie, "Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid," which premieres on Syfy Saturday (Jan. 29).

The pair, whom Gibson dubbed "Debany," walked the red carpet at New York's Ziegfeld Theatre (the largest single-screen cinema in New York).

Chart Beat was there to capture the action, as was a host of assorted guests revered for their places in '80s pop culture.

We caught up with - in order of appearance, below - Alan Thicke, aka Jason Seaver on ABC's "Growing Pains" from 1985 to 1992; Julie McCullough, who guested as Mike Seaver's (Kirk Cameron) girlfriend Julie Costello on the series; Taylor Dayne, who's banked 10 Billboard Hot 100 hits and 14 Dance/Club Play Songs entries since 1987; and, film co-star Gibson:

All in attendance (many diplomatically wearing both "Team Debbie" and "Team Tiffany" souvenir buttons handed out) were then treated to a screening of the action-packed movie, in which Gibson, now 40, and Tiffany, 39, poke good-natured fun at their pasts.

Until its TV premiere, here's a sneak preview, "swamp-spit-swapping" and all, to quote Dayne:

Stay tuned to for more coverage of the kitschy film, which more than 20 years following their chart battles - the singers scored two Hot 100 No. 1s each in 1987-89 - pits its stars against one another in clearly more dire circumstances, Gibson as an animal rights activist (with a soft spot for snakes), Tiffany as a (pro-alligator) park ranger.

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