Go-Go's 'Will Have New Music Coming,' Says Guitarist
Go-Go's 'Will Have New Music Coming,' Says Guitarist

Attendees of Chiller Theatre 2011 enjoyed, as billed, a "monster party."

The bi-annual toy, model and film expo summoned more than 100 actors, musicians and vendors (as well as assorted costumed demons threatening unsuspecting guests) to the Hilton Parsippany in Parsippany, N.J., Friday, April 29, through Sunday, May 1.

With Flip cam in hand, Chart Beat ventured across the Hudson River to soak up Saturday's celebrity swarm. Following is a video diary starring the several known names from stage and song who graciously took time to chat with Billboard.com.

Geri Reischl
Although TV Guide in 2002 declared "The Brady Bunch Hour" the fourth-worst series of all-time, the actress who replaced Eve Plumb as "Jan Brady" in all nine episodes of the 1976-77 variety program proudly displayed the issue (atop a swatch of Astroturf approximating that in the famed Brady backyard). Reischl, in fact, has nothing but positive memories of her Brady run, which she has extended through her fun-loving branding as the "Fake Jan." (The annual "Fake Jan Day" celebration occurs each - when else? - Jan. 2, in fitting honor of the second Jan). The accomplished actress/singer discussed with Billboard her upcoming album, whether it was difficult joining such an established cast and whether she and Plumb have ever met. (Here's the story).

Mike Lookinland, Susan Olsen
As Saturday's festivities wrapped just after 6 o'clock, only two stars remained in the main lobby signing autographs. As Lookinland waited for his TV sister to join him on camera, he remarked that, in seven hours, he'd taken only one break - "to go to the bathroom!" (Surely, he was relieved that the Hilton Parsippany men's room included more than just a sink, like the lavatory between the Brady kids' bedrooms). The affable Lookinland and Olsen reflected upon growing up on-screen; recounted the classic TV shows that they'd rather watch than their own; and, marveled at their fortune that "Brady Bunch" fandom has remained fervent for six decades.