The Who's Pete Townshend: The Super Bowl Q&A
The Who's Roger Daltrey (l) and Pete Townshend live in Brisbane, 2009.

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Dear Gary,

I thought of yet more artists that fit the "Ask Billboard" discussion about, I began thinking more about the pop group.

Did Breathe release more than two albums? I love Cutting Crew as much as Breathe, and I was thrilled to find out a couple years ago that the former act had released a third CD (which I had to buy on eBay!)

I thought that Breathe's 1987 and 1990 CDs were amazing. My favorite songs other than than the two Hot 100 hits, "Hands to Heaven" (No. 2) and "How Can I Fall?" (No. 3) from the act's first album were title cut "All That Jazz" and "Won't You Come Back?" The line "that Hollywood jazz" sticks in my memory like peanut butter, while "Back" always makes me wistful.

My favorites from the second album, "Peace of Mind," are "I Hear You're Doing Fine" and "Mississippi Water."

Thanks for your posts!

Tommy Marx

Hi Tommy,

So happy to hear from a fellow Breathe fan. But, how dare you not mention the third Hot 100 top 10 from "All That Jazz"! After two hit ballads, the uptempo and incredibly catchy "Don't Tell Me Lies" reached No. 10 in 1989.

("Lies" was actually the fourth single from "Jazz." First track "Jonah" never reached the Hot 100. A fifth single, ballad "All This I Should Have Known," rose to No. 34 on Adult Contemporary).

I agree, Breathe represented '80s Britpop at its best. The second album was also strong, with "Say a Prayer" (No. 21) and "Does She Love That Man?" (No. 34) hitting the Hot 100's top 40.

According to lead singer David Glasper's MySpace page, no evidence of a third Breathe album exists. As for Glasper's whereabouts today (or, at least, of Dec. 10, 2010, the site's last login date)?

"The ever enigmatic Dave is still MIA so don't ask!" declares Glasper's bio.

You, can, however, hear two songs posted as of 2009: "Turbulent Skies" and "If I Only Could," both of which show his smooth voice still in fine form.

"Here are two songs which were recorded a while ago," the uncredited bio continues. "Dave wasn't keen on them being heard because they're quite rough in places - they're just simple demos - but I think they're some of his best so here they are.

"I'll try to keep an eye on this page from time to time but I'm busy and not online that often. Thanks."

(Now time to go listen to "Peace of Mind" album cut "Woman" ...)