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Hey Gary,

With Taylor Swift having been named Billboard's Woman of the Year, I was wondering if you could please recap her best-selling singles and albums.


Theodore Richert
Seattle, Washington

Hi Theodore,

Swift's sales totals tell only part of the story as to how she has ascended to her vaunted pop culture status, impressive as they are. Her ability to relate to her fans has become a trademark.

"As you enter down a career path, it becomes very clear what that career path is going to ask of you," Swift recently told Billboard. "One of the things that is a huge part of making music and putting it out into the world is understanding that you now have a role in shaping the lives of the next generation.

"You can either accept that role or you can deny it and ignore it and say it's a parent's job to raise their kids. But, the reality is what you wear matters. If you're a singer and on TV and in the living room of some 12-year-old girl, she's watching what you're wearing and saying and doing.

"For me, when