Auto Tune: Who's The Girl In That Hyundai TV Commercial?

Chart Beat Meet & Greet: Jessica Frech (Exclusive Video)

Meet Jessica Frech, budding viral video singer/songwriter/parodist

If you've watched TV at all of late, you might have developed a not-so-subconscious desire to purchase a new Hyundai.

Or, woken up hearing in your head, "... all the stress this holiday ... I'm glad I bought a Hyundai ..."

The reason? The auto company's ubiquitous, perky holiday commercial:

The singer in the spot? Jessica Frech. The Nashville-based self-described "singer, songwriter, ukulele-ista, slapstick YouTube video creator, college student (and) coffee house hermit" is enjoying her on-screen spotlight after Hyundai executives became fans of her comical video "People of Walmart." The clip - which opens with a mock-warning that it features images of "real Walmart shoppers" - has garnered more than 5 million YouTube views since its posting in May:

"I (find) it hysterical that an accidental viral video gave me the opportunity to do a national Hyundai commercial," Frech muses on her website.

As online commenters inspire Frech each week to write a song on her YouTube series "Song Challenge," "Hyundai's marketing team (Innocean) challenged me to write a song about Hyundai Assurance and how they have the best warranty around," Frech writes. "But, I had to make it with a holiday feel."

The dealer devised a somehwat similar campaign last year, partnering with indie pop pair Pomplamoose for commercials featuring its versions of carols including "Deck the Halls," "Jingle Bells" and "Up on the Housetop."

"Innocean and Hyundai were wonderful to work with. Through the whole process, they continued to make sure that the commercial kept true to me as a singer/songwriter," Frech recalls.

Following the holidays, Frech will focus on recording her first full-length album, supported by fans who have pledged almost $8,000. "I have everything lined up: the songs, the musicians, the studio," Frech notes on her site. While "no comedy songs" are scheduled to be part of the 12-song set, the album will "stay true to my quirky wordplay (and) pop/folk style of songwriting," Frech says.

As Pomplamoose translated its yuletide TV exposure to a No. 16 debut on Billboard's Uncharted ranking in January, eventually peaking at No. 5, Frech could be in line to reap similar chart rewards.

Sample Frech's endearing wit in more of her YouTube creations below.

(Before you find yourself in the lobby of a Hyundai dealership and aren't quite sure why).