Ask Billboard: Are Chart Rule Changes Needed?

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Dear Gary,

Here are my favorite songs and albums of the past year, with Kylie Minogue ranking as my favorite artist of 2011.

Top Songs:
1, "W T F," Matt Zarley
2, "Lover" (Music Video Edit), Tom Goss
3, "Born This Way," Lady Gaga
4, "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me," Cher
5, "Hollywood Tonight," Michael Jackson

6, "Hang With Me," Robyn
7, "Floor on Fire" (Joe Marton Radio Edit), Taylor Dayne
8, "All I Can Do," Bryan Finlay
9, "Love or Torture" (Please Don't Stop), Blake Lewis
10, "The Edge of Glory," Lady Gaga

Top Albums:
1, "Stronger," Kelly Clarkson
2, "Secret Codes and Battleships," Darren Hayes
3, "Doctor Faith," Christopher Cross
4, "Michael," Michael Jackson
5, "Born This Way," Lady Gaga
6, "Turn It Around," Tom Goss
7, "Echoes," Will Young
8, "Gravity," Westlife
9, "Tomorrow's World," Erasure
10, "Credo," Human League
11, "Charm School," Roxette

12, "Farmer's Daughter," Crystal Bowersox
13, "Alpocalypse," Weird Al Yankovic
14, "American Idol Season 10 Highlights," Haley Reinhart
15, "Hold On Til the Night," Greyson Chance
16, "Ms. Vocalist," Debbie Gibson
17, "4Ever," DUDE-aTOMic!
18, "Change Begins With Me," Matt Zarley
19, "Unpractice Makes Perfect," Street Corner Symphony
20, "21," Adele


David "MuzicBuff" Geib

Hi Gary,

My favorite albums, and more, of 2011 are, in no particular order:

Cage the Elephant, "Thank You, Happy Birthday"

The Parlor Mob, "Dogs" (iTunes' rock album of the year, by the way)

Sleeper Agent, "Celebrasion" (also, the best small-club show I saw this year. The group is six popcorn seeds just ready to pop!)

There were other sets I liked, but those were my "love"s.

Pearl Jam's PJ20 weekend festival was my live music highlight of the year, without question. It was as close to a religious experience as music can get, in my opinion. It felt like a new, fresh start for the guys and their fans, rather than putting a cap on something that was close to ending.

Lastly, I just saw Florence + the Machine a couple weeks ago. We left the theater where she performed and were 15 minutes away, when we had to go back because we realized that we'd left our jaws on the theater floor ;)

Thanks Billboard!

Paul Pelowski

Thanks Paul, and all who've sent in your musical memories of 2011 so far. Please keep them coming! We'll continue to publish your favorites - songs, albums, artists, shows and more - of the past 12 months through the end of the year in "Ask Billboard."

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