Best Of The 2000s: Part 2 ... What A Time
Best Of The 2000s: Part 2 ... What A Time

"Alright, you look like you're feeling a little better. Let me try another one. Who's the biggest music star in two-thousand-nine?"

"Refresh my memory. Who are the biggest names then? I mean, um ... now."

"I guess I'd say ... well, there are a lot. Can I ask you about a few of them?"


"OK. How about, these, uh, 'N Sync characters. No way they, or any of these boy bands, last."

"Well, 'N Sync breaks up, but Justin Timberlake becomes the biggest male artist in pop music."

"Oh. I bet his girlfriend, Britney Spears, helps him."

"Actually, they break up, too. She goes through a pretty tumultuous time, in fact. She marries and has an annulment. She marries again and divorces.

"Radio won't play her for awhile, but, you know what, she comes back. She starts releasing some of her best music. People love a comeback."

"You know, I'm a big fan of country music. I love that new trio, the Dixie Chicks. And Toby Keith. Hey, do they ever do anything together in the two-thousands?"

"Sort ... of. Just not on the charts."

"How about George Strait?"

"Talk about someone who's mastered traveling through time. Doesn't matter the year, Strait is still the King. Forty-four No. 1s and counting. The most of any artist ever at one format."

"I knew it, country music will never change. Nothing but cowboys in cowboy hats."

"Actually, the biggest star in country - and pop - in two-thousand-nine is a young woman named Taylor Swift. She just turned 20. Great songwriter, great live performer. She used MySpace to get noticed and constantly connects with her fans through vlogs, Facebook and Twitter."

"Uh-oh, maybe we should get some help here. Now, you're just making up words."

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