Best Of The 2000s: Part 2 ... What A Time
Best Of The 2000s: Part 2 ... What A Time



"Two ... thousand ... nine. Boy, I knew people were taking this Y2K craziness pretty seriously, but I think you've outdone them all."

"No, no. (Ow, my head ...) Honestly, I don't know how I got ... back ... here, but somehow I ... just ... did."

"I think somebody's been partying like it's nineteen-ninety-nine a little too hard."

"No, please, listen. It was a stormy New Year's Eve, two-thousand-nine. We were about to ring in two-thousand-ten.

"The iPod was charging. So was the BlackBerry. And Ryan Seacrest was on TV getting ready to count down to midnight."

"The what? The what? And who?"

"Thunder was crackling, and lightning was flashing and, then ... a fuse blew. I went downstairs to fix it. I began to flip the switch, and ...

"Well, the next thing I knew, here I am."

"You're from two-thousand-nine?"


"Ten years in the fut- ... oh ... kay ... easy there, easy. Let's have you sit up, buddy, and just relax. I don't think you're completely sure of what you're saying. 'Time travel' just isn't possible. Unless you're talking about 'Back to the Future'."

"Right. Or 'Lost'."


"It's a TV show. It premiered in two-thousand-four. Lots of time travel on that show."

"Hmm. OK, if you're from two-thousand-nine, explain how this 'Lost' show works. If you're really from when you say you are, that should be easy."

"You'd think so. But, then again, you've never seen 'Lost.'

"Look, I know it seems crazy, but I really am from two-thousand-nine.

"I can prove it. I'm actually more of a music aficionado. How about I tell you what music was like in the two-thousands?"

"Music? Well, I do like music. OK, sure, tell me all about it."

"Alright. I'll do my best. Ask away."