Ask Billboard: Any News On Britney Spears' New Album?

Britney Spears - Ooh La La (From The Smurfs 2)

This week's mailbag looks at when we might expect Spears' next full-length, how big a radio hit Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' could be, Miley Cyrus' career sales and more

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Hi Gary,

Hope you're doing well. Here's my trivial commentary for the week!

Paul McCartney*, Nelly** and Beyonce*** have each earned Hot 100 No. 1s as a solo act, part of a duo, part of a trio and part of a quartet. McCartney has done all that with No. 2 hits, as well. (See note below regarding "Get Back" at No. 1.)

Justin Timberlake has the following distinction with No. 1 AND No. 2:

With "Mirrors" peaking at No. 2 on the Hot 100, Timberlake has now peaked at that position as a solo act, a part of a two-act title (as featured on "Dead and Gone" by T.I.) and with a group (with quintet 'N Sync on its duet with Gloria Estefan, "Music of My Heart.") (He hasn't peaked at No. 2 as part of a trio or quartet, however.)

Similarly, JT has peaked at No. 1 as a completely solo act (with "SexyBack" and "What Goes Around…Comes Around"), with one other act ("My Love," featuring T.I.) and on a three-artist hit (with Nelly Furtado on Timbaland's "Give It to Me.") He, of course, also reigned as a member of 'N Sync with "It's Gonna Be Me" (a title which served as a harbinger of his eventual solo status, didn't it?)


*McCartney scored a Hot 100 chart-topper as part of a one-time quintet because "Get Back" was billed to the Beatles featuring Billy Preston; Macca has peaked at No. 2 as a solo act, with a duet (with Michael Jackson on "The Girl Is Mine"), part of a trio (which Wings was at the time of "Live and Let Die") and part of a quartet (e.g., the Beatles' "Twist & Shout").

**Nelly's first chart-topper was solo ("Hot in Herre"), followed by his collab with Kelly Rowland ("Dilemma"), a trio effort (with P. Diddy and Murphy Lee, "Shake Ya Tailfeather") and a quartet single ("Grillz," featuring Paul Wall, Ali and Gipp; it samples Destiny's Child's "Soldiers." Speaking of Destiny's Child …)

***In addition to Beyonce's five No. 1s – two on her own, three with featured acts – Destiny's Child scored No. 1s as a trio and as a quartet.

And, vaguely related to all this (because she dated JT), I'm diggin' Britney's new tune.


Pablo Nelson
Berkeley, California

Thanks as always, Pablo!

And, since tonight is the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, how cool that you point out that Nelly's four Hot 100 No. 1s were solo and as two-, three- and four-act collaborations – in that order.

In baseball, that's called that a natural cycle (hitting a single, double, triple and home run in a game, in order). We could say the same thing for Nelly's performance on the Hot 100.

Either way, we're talking about four big hits.