Lady Gaga, NYC Prode

Lady Gaga, NYC Prode


In our newest mailbag, insight into the minds of artists as to how they decide to end recordings. Plus, sales updates on Selena Gomez and Avril Lavigne and ... Is Lady Gaga's new single on the way soon?

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hi :) please answer: when, gaga, are going to release your new single? :)



On two recent Interscope Records industry email blasts (its "Top 40 Fact Sheet"), a simple closing line has shown at the end, after the label has filled in radio/records/trades on other current releases. Four words:


No other details from the label yet, but that's something at least. Going by the timeframe of prior such emails, perhaps the next month or so will bring her new single? Interscope likely wouldn't be offering that tease if a marketing plan for new music isn't almost set to launch.

Gaga, meanwhile, is already stepping back into the spotlight. She sang the national anthem a capella a week ago at New York's Gay Pride kick-off rally at Pier 26, even tweaking a lyric for the occasion: "Oh say, does our star-spangled flag of pride yet wave ..."

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