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With Macklemore & Ryan Lewis becoming the first duo to top the Hot 100 on its first two attempts, how did other twosomes start their chart careers? Readers check in on that and more.

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Yes! Belinda Carlisle rightly picks "Summer Rain" as her favorite solo recording.

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Yup, while it's great that we can rank any artists' biggest Hot 100 hits based on actual chart performance, it's pretty cool, too, when we ask acts to chart their favorites based simply on their opinions.

Carlisle graciously doing so in last week's Chart Beat Q&A led to many fans likewise ranking their favorite songs of hers on her Facebook page.

Also a longtime superfan of Carlisle's, I have to weigh in, too! Here's how I'm charting my favorite songs that she's recorded, solo and with the Go-Go's (with her melodic new single, "Sun," just missing the cut):

Tie 10, "Vacation"
Tie 10, "Summer Rain"
9, "Mad About You"
8, "World Without You"
7, "Circle in the Sand"
6, "In Too Deep"
5, "Heaven Is a Place on Earth"
4, "Runaway Horses"
3, "Vision of You"
2, "Do You Feel Like I Feel?"

1, "Leave a Light On"

And, while we're at it, here are my 10 favorite songs by fellow Go-Go Jane Wiedlin:

10, "Modern Romance"
9, "Our Lips Are Sealed" (featuring her famous solo vocal on the bridge)
8, "Blue Kiss"
7, "99 Ways"
6, "Tangled"
5, "Rush Hour"
4, "Guardian Angel"
3, "Rain on Me"
2, "Give!"

1, "Inside a Dream"

Plus, Go-Go Charlotte Caffey was in the band the Graces (along with Meredith Brooks, who, in 1997, would soar to No. 2 on the Hot 100 with "Bitch"). The Graces hit No. 56 in 1989 with "Lay Down Your Arms" (which Carlisle subsequently recorded on her 1993 album "Real").

I was always partial, however, to follow-up single, and the title cut from the Graces' lone album, "Perfect View," a nice slice of hopefully-not-forgotten early '90s pop.


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