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Hunter Hayes performs at the GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live!! held at Bridgestone Arena on December 5, 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Readers check in on Hayes topping Hot Country Songs, Josh Groban crowning the Billboard 200 without a top 40 single, the Lumineers' crossover success and more uncredited artist appearances.

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Gary – any idea of the last time a song charted on as many formats as "Ho Hey" has done now?


Hi Kurt,

Following its success at rock, pop and adult formats, the Lumineers' breakout hit is now climbing Country Airplay. "Ho Hey" debuted on the chart at No. 60 this past week … joining another multi-format smash, Mumford & Sons' "I Will Wait," which rises 49-46.

As reported by Billboard country chart manager Wade Jessen, "Hey" garnered spins at three monitored country stations last week, led by KMLE Phoenix (22 plays). KMLE also played "Wait" 37 times in that span. Although neither of the songs is being aggressively promoted at country radio, KMLE program director Jeff Garrison says, "[Both groups make] music with real lyrics and real instruments that speak to everyone, not just one format of listeners. The reaction has been tremendously positive, with most listeners telling us that both bands belong on KMLE."

Let's take a look at the airplay chart performances of both songs so far:

"Ho Hey"
No. 1 (eight weeks), Adult Pop Songs
No. 1 (eight weeks), Triple A
No. 1 (two weeks), Rock Airplay
No. 1 (two weeks), Alternative Songs
No. 2, Radio Songs (all-format)
No. 2, Pop Songs
No. 15, Adult Contemporary
No. 60, Country Airplay

"I Will Wait"
No. 1 (11 weeks), Triple A
No. 1 (10 weeks), Rock Airplay
No. 1 (one week), Alternative Songs
No. 10, Adult Pop Songs
No. 25, Radio Songs (all-format)
No. 27, Pop Songs
No. 46, Country Airplay

As impressive as both songs' reaches continue to be, neither has yet to wrest the honor of Billboard's most widely-crossed-over hit of the past 25 years, an honor given to a song that also charted at R&B, dance and Latin formats (although not country): Adele's "Rolling in the Deep," the Hot 100's top title of 2011. (Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know," featuring Kimbra, the No. 1 song of 2012, also garnered multi-format acceptance, although not from R&B radio.)

Here's a look, chronologically, at the depth of "Deep," i.e., the airplay chart odyssey of the song across the record 12 radio-based surveys on which it appeared:

Debut Date, Chart, Peak Position
Dec. 11, 2010, Triple A, No. 1 (14 weeks)
Dec. 25, 2010, Adult Pop Songs, No. 1 (13 weeks)
Jan. 22, 2011, Rock Songs, No. 15
March 19, 2011, Alternative Songs, No. 21
March 26, 2011, Adult Contemporary, No. 1 (19 weeks)
April 2, 2011, Radio Songs (all-format), No. 1 (six weeks)
April 2, 2011, Pop Songs, No. 1 (five weeks)
April 2, 2011, Dance Airplay, No. 2
May 28, 2011, Rhythmic, No. 12
July 2, 2011, R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay, No. 61
July 2, 2011, Latin Pop Airplay, No. 16
July 23, 2011, Latin Airplay, No. 43