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Candid Covers: Delta Rae Sings Fleetwood Mac's 'The Chain'

Candid Covers: Delta Rae

North Carolina folk rock band Delta Rae has a lot in common with Fleetwood Mac, blending male and female vocals in a soft rock, bluesy style both on their own music and for their cover of "The Chain." Watch them perform the song and talk about how a small moment with Fleetwood Mac changed the big picture for the band, inspiring vocalist Brittany Hölljes to pursue music.

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Delta Rae's Candid Covers Session

"Fleetwood Mac has always been there for me when I've been having hard moments in my life," said vocalist Brittany Hölljes, discussing the moment in middle school when she was first inspired by the rock quartet. "Fleetwood Mac has always been a huge pillar of my musical interest and influence, so I would say we chose 'The Chain' because it's a song that showcases four-part harmony in a really natural way."

Her brother, band member Eric Hölljes, also thought the song fit Delta Rae perfectly. "'The Chain' is really unique because it doesn't have a lead singer, and it's a very fun song to perform because it has that collective energy."

The six-member group's debut album, "Carry the Fire," is due June 19. "I think it tells you a lot about who we are as a band," Brittany Hölljes said of the record. "I think everybody's really well-represented on the album in terms of their life and their personality and it's got a lot of ghosts, it's got a lot of history. It's emotional, it's energetic, and I think people will really connect to it."

Delta Rae also performed their single, "Bottom of the River," for the Billboard Candid Covers session. "'Bottom of the River' is a song that has mysterious origins to me, even as one of the writers," laughed Eric Hölljes, as he explained his inspiration for the song. "I woke up around five in the morning with the chorus of that song in my head, and I ran to my phone and recorded it. [My brother Ian and I] brought it to the band and it just kind of took on this Old Testament, gospel feeling."

Watch Delta Rae perform "Bottom of the River" below.