Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 Debuts, a Guide
3. Whitney Houston
"Exhale (Shoop Shoop)"
Chart Debut Date: November 25, 1995

Plus, Richard Marx stops by to discuss a song of his that might've been a huge hit ... if only it had been released as a single.

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Hi Gary,

I'm sure your inbox has been flooded with questions and comments re: Madonna's latest chart achievement: a record-extending 38th Hot 100 top 10. I thought I'd pass along a little tidbit of my own.

Of Madonna's 38 top 10s, 21 of those songs' titles started with different letters of the alphabet! "Give Me All Your Luvin' " is her first to start with a 'g.'

Here's the complete alphabetical list:

Angel (No. 5 peak)
Borderline (No. 10)
Causing a Commotion, Cherish (No. 2), Crazy for You (No. 1)
Deeper and Deeper (No. 7), Die Another Day, Don't Cry for Me Argentina (No. 8), Don't Tell Me (No. 4), Dress You Up (No. 5)
Erotica (No. 3), Express Yourself (No. 2)
Frozen (No. 2)

Give Me All Your Luvin' (No. 10, to date)
Hanky Panky (No. 10), Hung Up (No. 7)
I'll Remember (No. 2)
Justify My Love (No. 1)
Keep It Together (No. 8)
La Isla Bonita, Lucky Star (No. 4), Like a Prayer, Like a Virgin, Live to Tell (No. 1)
Material Girl (No. 2), Music (No. 1)
Open Your Heart (No. 1)
Papa Don't Preach (No. 1)
Ray of Light (No. 5), Rescue Me (No. 8)
Secret (No. 3)
Take a Bow, This Used to Be My Playground (No. 1), True Blue (No. 3)
Vogue (No. 1)
Who's That Girl (No. 1)
You'll See (No. 6)

One top 10 doesn't fit on the list: her last such hit began with a number, not a letter: 2008's "4 Minutes."

Cheers from Vancouver!

Rob Feller

Hi Rob,

Very impressive!

You clearly know Madonna to a "T" (and 20 other letters).