Grammy Awards 2010 Nominations Preview
Patrick Demarchelier

Plus: More enduring rock era classics; Who's better, Mariah or Madonna?; and, a week-by-week analysis of women ruling the Hot 100's top five

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Hi Gary,

I think you've made a pretty good call with "I Will Always Love You" as one of the most enduring songs of the rock era, if not the most. I feel its track record - multiple No. 1s across multiple formats and success over a wide stretch of years - as well as its success in different formats and styles (country, pop, R&B; solo, duets), is a true testament to its enduring nature.

It also reinforces the notion that a song endures mainly due to the song itself, rather than to just one artist's take on it. Many hit songs get covered by multiple artists, but not all versions of them resonate with the public like the versions of "Always" have. In "Always,"