White Lion: A Video Tribute!
White Lion: A Video Tribute!

If 'American Idol' contestant Colton Dixon can remember the pop/metal band, why can't we?

Kudos to "American Idol" finalist Colton Dixon for performing White Lion's obscure song "Broken Heart" on last night's (March 14) episode.

How obscure? The track never even reached Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart. Originally the Danish/American rock band's debut single in 1985, White Lion re-recorded it and released it as the second single from its fourth album, "Mane Attraction," in 1991.

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Dixon performed "Heart" as part of the episode's theme of contestants singing songs from the year they were born (which still, somehow, means a healthy dose of '70s songs that became hits again via '80s and '90s remakes). Bonus points to Dixon for choosing an unfamiliar track to make his own while fellow contestants stuck to modern-day pop standards ("Endless Love," "Let's Stay Together," "Turn the Beat Around").

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For any viewers not familiar with White Lion's catalog of melodic rock hits, here's a refresher. (That way you won't be surprised if any of the cast's young balladeers attempt a switch from maudlin to metal).


The band's first Hot 100 top 10, the anthemic track rose to No. 8 in 1988.

"When the Children Cry"

White Lion's biggest Hot 100 hit, the socially-conscious ballad reached No. 3 in 1989.

"Love Don't Come Easy"

A hooky slice of pop/rock that may have been too metal-leaning for the early '90s, when grunge became the genre's go-to sound. Still, it reached No. 24 on Mainstream Rock in 1991.

"Broken Heart '91"

"I had so much fun with it and loved the way it turned out," said Dixon of his ode to the song last night.