Madonna Fans Rejoice: New Album Due in Spring 2012
Madonna Fans Rejoice: New Album Due in Spring 2012

More reader views on Madge, plus a tribute to Dick Clark, whose 'American Bandstand' helped launch her career.

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Hi Gary,

"MDNA" is not a bad record by any means. As a 30-year Madonna fan, the thing that bothers me most stems mainly from the sound. Not the production, mind you, but for many years, Madonna hasn't sounded like anyone else, and has inspired folks to sound (and even look) like her.

But, on this record, many of the tracks, while OK, sound like they could've come from several pop stars of today. I can understand wanting to keep with the times musically, but part of the reason I've loved Madonna all these years is because she didn't sound like anyone else before her.

As for "Give Me All Your Luvin'," I'm surprised she didn't release the better LMFAO mix of the song, especially since they've done so well as of late.

My two favorite tracks on "MDNA": "Love Spent," to me, captures the pop nature of songs from "True Blue" with the incredible dance elements of "Confessions on a Dance Floor"; and "Masterpiece" is exactly that - a gorgeous masterpiece that echoes her ballads of old. I hope it is released and does well on many charts, not just AC.

As for my favorite Madonna albums, I'll meet you halfway with my top six:

6, "Hard Candy," 2008
I was so hoping that when "4 Minutes" zoomed 68-3 on the Hot 100 it would become her 13th No. 1 hit. Alas, it was not to be. Other standout songs on the album include "Miles Away" and "The Beat Goes On," with