Aimee Mann, Jon Hamm Channel 'Til Tuesday In New 'Labrador' Video
Aimee Mann, Jon Hamm Channel 'Til Tuesday In New 'Labrador' Video

Hmm, the singer/songwriter's new clip looks a bit like the one for 'Voices Carry,' doesn't it?

Aimee Mann's voice still carries, more creatively than ever.

In the video for "Labrador," from her eighth studio album, "Charmer" - both released today (Sept. 18) - Mann ribs her past as lead singer for 'Til Tuesday, offering a mockumentary take on the group's best-known hit, "Voices Carry." The latter song reached No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1985.

The video for "Labrador" features Golden Globe-winning actor Jon Hamm, of "Mad Men" fame, and musician/humorist Jon Wurster. The clip was written and directed by comedian/writer Tom Scharpling.

"I begged Jon Hamm to be part of it. God bless him," Mann posted on her Facebook page today.

The video isn't Mann's first foray into comedy. She spoofed the sagging state of record sales by appearing as Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein's cleaning lady on IFC's "Portlandia" last year. ( Sarah McLachlan was the gardener.)

"Charmer" is due on next week's Billboard 200 (to be refreshed on on Thursday, Sept. 27). Mann's last set, 2008's "@#%&*! Smilers," bowed at No. 32 on the survey, a career-high solo peak. With 'Til Tuesday, she climbed as high as No. 19 with "Voices Carry," the group's 1985 debut album.

Check out the videos for "Labrador" and "Voices Carry" back-to-back. Not only is Mann's big-'80s bleached blonde hair back, but so is 'Til Tuesday drummer Michael Hausman, whose 2012 day job is as Mann's manager.