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Watch Future's 'Monster' Video, Featuring a Festive Fall Turn-up


Nayvadius Cash has been putting out some real freaky cover art lately. It's all in the name of Monster, his upcoming mixtape, the one where Future's done up as a grotesque zombie on the front. Before that, when "Monster" was just a late summer single with a huge Metro Boomin'/Southside beat, the art featured Future looking unsettlingly similar to Frank, the demon rabbit-man in Donnie Darko.

So it's kind of a surprise to report that Future's "Monster" video is just a straight-up turn-up, a slightly NSFW house-party with neon imagery that feels a little like a Spring Breakers tribute. And why not just party and leave the played-out trick-or-treat costumes at home, as long as you're not worried about making the 10,000th booties-and-pools-and-sunglasses-dudes video? (Also, anyone think Future's celebrating his reported reunion with Ciara, who he was engaged to for nine months and has a baby with? "Fam's back together; see u at the mansion at 11."

Monster will be Future's first new release since his sophomore album, Honest, debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 in April with 53,000 copies sold.