Billboard + Twitter Real-Time Charts: Emerging Picks of the Week

Universal Music Group; Getty Images
Sondre Lerche and Bipolar Sunshine on the Billboard+Twitter Chart

The Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists chart tracks some of the newest releases being shared on Twitter, in real time. An emerging artist on Twitter is defined as an artist who has less than 50,000 Twitter followers and who has not appeared in the top 50 on the Billboard 100.

Below are our favorite picks from new releases that made an impact on the Emerging chart in its 4th week (June 16 - June 22).


Norwegian singer and songwriter Sondre Lerche debuted the toe-tapping song, along with the music video for “Bad Law” on June 19 at 9:55am on Rolling Stone. The music video was reportedly shot in Lerche’s backyard by Evan Savitt.  According to Lerche, the video is based on a true story of a party he attended gone awry. A situation, easily relatable to most, the video caused the track to come to No. 19 for this week.


Just in time for summer to hit, Parov Stelar in collaboration with Graham Candy released “The Sun” on Jun 13. The music video’s intriguing lyrics and almost melancholy beat leaves you wanting more. Whatever the songs desired purpose, it has left listeners talking, bringing the song to No. 20.


Adio Marchant, better known as Bipolar Sunshine, dropped his lastest single “Deckchairs On The Moon” on June 3. The music video’s vibrant and out-of-the-box visuals mesh well with the songs metaphorical hook, “Let's go surfing on this cloud, it's all just milk and honey”. The song comes in at No. 25 on the chart for the week.


American alternative rock band Nico Vega’s song “I Believe (Get Over Yourself) ” released on February 25 spurred recent attention with the drop of their music video on June 19. The fun and light-hearted spirit of the song shines through the screen, while Vega crowd surfs and dances around swarms of people. The video caused the track to come in at No. 36.


After the notable release of XXL Freshman 1993 Mixtape, Yung Simmie sets himself apart again with the release of his newest single “Full Metal” via YouTube on March 23. The track is produced by Purpledogg (who’s previous work includes Drake’s “We Made It”). The song drew increased attention when the music video dropped on June 9. In collaboration with rap collective Raider Klan, of which Simmie is a part, the video boosts “Full Metal” to No. 44.