Jennifer Hudson Lands Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

This week, Jennifer Hudson became the first American Idol alum to earn a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Academy Award and Grammy winner was accompanied by her husband and son as she accepted the award on Wednesday, Nov. 13. Music legend and record executive Clive Davis was on hand to honor the Season 3 alum while comparing her to two iconic vocalists.

"She may have come in 7th place in the third season of American Idol, but by 2010 The Los Angeles Times had her in the top three of the greatest contestants in the history of the show," he said. "I have been privileged in over 25 years with two of the greatest voices of all time: Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston. I never thought I'd hear another voice to compare and yet staring me in the face was a new voice that did compare. It literally sent shivers up my spine."

The 32-year-old singer, wearing a white dress and white-pointed toe pumps, looked overcome with emotion as she accepted the award.

"Look what God can do," she said as she choked back the tears. "I knew I would get emotional and I'm sure my mom is in heaven like 'Jenny stop crying' but now's the time to cry mama, it is."

"This is an amazing honor as we all know and I did not see this coming," she continued. "I'm so honored to be here with so many that I love and I feel as though we're all a family."

"Never put limits on God," she concluded. "So let's see what he has in store next!"

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