Morrissey To Release Cover of Lou Reed's 'Satellite of Love'

Marc Broussely/Redferns
LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 07: Morrissey performs on stage at Brixton Academy on August 7, 2011 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by Marc Broussely/Redferns)

Morrissey's cover of Lou Reed’s song “Satellite of Love,” recorded at the Chelsea Ballroom at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas in 2011, will be released as a single on Dec. 2 in the U.K. and Dec. 3 in the U.S.

“He has been there all of my life,” wrote Morrissey of the late Velvet Underground frontman in announcing the release. “He will always be pressed to my heart. Thank God for those, like Lou, who move within their own laws, otherwise imagine how dull the world would be.”

The song originally appeared on Reed’s 1972 solo album Transformer."

Lou Reed died on Oct. 27 of complications from a liver transplant. He was 71.

Lou Reed, Rock 'n' Roll Iconoclast, Dead At 71

On Dec. 3, Morrissey's memoir "Autobiography" will also be released in the U.S. The book is already a best-seller in the U.K.

"Autobiography" A Record-Breaker In Britain | Book To Be Released In U.S.

Listen to Morrissey's "Satellite Of Love" cover below:

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