Deer Tick, ‘Negativity’: Fall Music Preview 2013

Deer Tick

Release Date: Sept. 24
Label: Partisan

Alt-folk mainstay Deer Tick is guilty of a bit of a red herring on its fifth full-length, which, despite the title, isn’t really a downer, and often works up a breezy groove. “When we first came up with the title, it was kind of tongue in cheek,” guitarist/co-songwriter Ian O’Neil says. “There are themes of loss, but there’s also a real pop sensibility on all the songs.” Fans of the band’s dirty rock’n’roll phase, as demonstrated on 2011 LP "Divine Providence," might also be thrown for a loop. “There are a lot of left turns on this album,” O’Neil says. “We wanted something a little more thoughtful and hi-fi.”

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