Earl Sweatshirt: 'Doris' Album Preview

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Earl Sweatshirt/Facebook

Earl Sweatshirt
Title: "Doris" | Release Date: TBD

Earl Sweatshirt slowly has been returning to the spotlight. As his group Odd Future rose to stardom, the methodical rapper stood out from his brethren with 2010’s “Earl,” a free release that garnered critical acclaim. But soon after, his mother sent him to a school for at-risk boys in Samoa, putting the brakes on his career while his crew took flight. His return in early 2012 promised new music, and while output has been minimal, Sweatshirt launched his label Tan Cresada under Columbia Records. His debut retail LP “Doris,” featuring Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean, The Neptunes, Alchemist, The Internet among others is on the way. The 18-year-old most recently dropped the project’s first single “Chum” and its creepy accompanying video.


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