Snoop Lion: 'Reincarnated' Album Preview

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Snoop Lion
"Reincarnated" | Release Date: February
As of July 2012, the artist born Calvin Broadus, Jr. no longer goes by the title Snoop Dogg. Following an excursion to Jamaica, the one-time G-funk pioneer decided to put hip-hop aside him and rebranded himself Snoop Lion under the blessings of a Rastafarian priest. A newcomer to the reggae game, Snoop wisely hooked up with Diplo to produce his debut. The Major Lazer producer’s dancehall-friendly work should coax those leery of Snoop’s sudden switch. "Reincarnated" is due this February (via Vice), Cuts like "La La La," "Lighters Up," and "Here Comes the King" have been released already -- all embodying the laidback and smoked-hazed lifestyle of an island man. The old Dogg’s got new tricks.


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