Ferguson Protests, 2014.

Ferguson Protest Songs Impact Real-Time Charts

The protests in Ferguson, Mo., over the shooting of Michael Brown on Aug. 9 have been an important topic of online conversation on Twitter, particularly among the hip-hop community. The Game's "Don't Shoot" is the latest Ferguson protest song to hit the Billboard Twitter charts.
Weezer at Firefly 2014

Who Should Play Rivers Cuomo on Weezer TV Show?

Weezer already has a cruise to its name, so at this point, a TV show should be a no-brainer, right? With the band’s new studio album approaching ("Everything Will Be Alright in the End" is due Oct. 7) fans will also be treated to a Rivers Cuomo-inspired comedy series.
Killer Mike, 2014.

Watch Killer Mike Talk Ferguson on Fox News

Since posting a thought-provoking Op-Ed in Billboard about Ferguson, Mo., Killer Mike has appeared on CNN and now, Fox News, to talk about the ongoing tensions in Ferguson and the death of Michael Brown.
Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada on August 31, 2007

Woman Killed in Burning Man Bus Accident

Officials say a woman was struck and killed by a bus that was carrying passengers around the Burning Man festival in Nevada's Black Rock Desert.