Nas in "Time is Illmatic," directed by One9

Nas Opens-Up for 'Illmatic' Anniversary Media Blitz

Nas’ seminal debut “Illmatic” is 20 years old this week. And to celebrate the deluxe reissue “Illmatic XX,” the Queens rapper took to the Web for a digital flurry of Q&As on the Tuesday release date.
Kevin McHale on Glee "Tested" 2014

'Glee' Recap: New Waters 'Tested' As New York Matures

Music that serves a purpose, storylines that don’t forget the past, and off-the-charts chemistry between a seemingly endless combination of characters in the group -- sometimes it’s shocking how unrecognizable this brand new "Glee" is from from just a few months ago.
members of Loverboy

Loverboy Pulls In Generations X, Y and Z with Full-On Marketing Blitz (Video)

Loverboy is everywhere you look these days, as major companies such as Taco Bell and Radio Shack use the band’s music and iconic red leather jackets and bandanas imagery to promote their products to the ‘80s generation which grew upon the group, and others who are just being introduced to their anthems.