Muse Drops New Song 'The Handler' With Psychopathic Lyric Video

When Muse named its new album "Drones" and slapped on album art like this, you knew you were getting into some serious, post-apocalyptic arena rock business. With the album due out next Monday (June 8), the band shared another new track called “The Handler.”
Snoop Dogg, 2014

Snoop Dogg Shares Meme Calling Caitlyn Jenner a 'Science Project'

Snoop Dogg​ joined the ranks of public figures who've shared less-than-sensitive reactions to Caitlyn Jenner's transition on social media today, sharing a meme that compares the coverage of the Vanity Fair cover with the coverage of Akon's charitable initiatives.
Photo of Grateful Dead in the 1960s.

Grateful Dead Announces 80-Disc '30 Trips Around the Sun' Box Set

As fans eagerly await the upcoming Fare Thee Well shows, the Grateful Dead have announced their largest boxed set to date to celebrate the band's long strange trip along with their 50th anniversary. The collection boasts a whopping 80 discs, featuring 30 live shows, and will arrive in September. A four-CD version of the set, containing one song from each of the 30 concerts, will also be released.

Blur's Guide to Hong Kong: Eating Frogs, Fried Bees & Making 'The Magic Whip'

Blur’s latest record, "The Magic Whip," would have never came to existence had it not been for one big bump in the road a couple of years ago. A series of will-they-or-won’t-they moments during their 12-year hiatus had many fans believing Blur was at its end, while holding out hope that it actually wasn’t.