Neil Diamond, 2014.

Neil Diamond Almost Changed His Name to Ice Charry

In an alternate universe somewhere, Neil Diamond is touring under the name "Ice Charry." Before the release of Diamond's debut in 1966, the singer thought long and hard about changing his name.
Annie Lennox, 2104

Annie Lennox: 'Twerking Is Not Feminism'

Annie Lennox, former member of the Eurythmics, has been doing lots of interviews in order to promote her new album, Nostalgia. Lately, those conversations have often returned to a different topic: Beyonce.
Killer Mike and El-P of Run The Jewels

Taylor Swift’s ‘Welcome to New York’ Makes El-P Want to Leave New York

El-P was born in Brooklyn and has more or less resided in New York City ever since. Even when he’s rapping about drones over his hometown, it seems he’s been content to take the good with the bad and stick around. But it looks like Taylor Swift’s latest "1989" offering is enough to make him reconsider.