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Bruce Jenner's Family Responds to '20/20' Interview

Now that Bruce Jenner has opened up about his transgender journey to Diane Sawyer, in an interview that aired during Friday night's (April 24) 20/20, what does his very large and very famous family have to say?
Lady Gaga Sound of Music Performance 2015 Oscars

Lady Gaga Hopes Bruce Jenner Interview Is 'Met With Compassion'

Ever since she hit the music world, Lady Gaga has been a vocal support of LBGT rights, even calling her sophomore album Born This Way. So it's no surprise that the same woman who sang "No matter gay, straight or bi/ Lesbian, transgendered life" on that album's title track is also lauding Bruce Jenner for his interview with Diane Sawyer about being transgender, airing Friday night (April 24) on 20/20.
Jeff Lynne

Jeff Lynne on Being Honored by Tom Petty and Joe Walsh: 'I Never Knew If I Was Any Good at All'

“I probably won’t get the giant head,” Jeff Lynne quips as we walk into a lounge at Capitol Records following the unveiling of his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. “I’ll let you know in a week or so.” That Lynne has to be concerned about this is forgivable. He has just spent half an hour listening to Tom Petty and Joe Walsh sing his praises in a way that would make even Kanye blush.
'Katy Perry' Hockey Chants Aren't Sexist, Says NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman

'Katy Perry' Hockey Chants Aren't Sexist, Says NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman

Earlier this week during an National Hockey League playoff game, fans of the Winnipeg Jets taunted Anaheim Ducks star Corey Perry with chants of “Katy Perry.” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman caused a minor controversy on Friday (Apr. 24) when he shrugged off questions about the chants being sexist during a media meeting.