SHINee Earn Second No. 1 on World Albums With 'Odd'

SHINee Earn Second No. 1 on World Albums With 'Odd'

SHINee's new album might be 'Odd,' but U.S. fans still loved it. The boy band notches their second No. 1 on Billboard's World Albums chart after the new record sold 2,000 copies, according Nielsen Music.
Lady Gaga

Exclusive: Lady Gaga's Newest Venture Is Four-Legged Friendly

Little Monster pet parents, get ready: Lady Gaga’s newest venture will be a pet product line entirely devoted to crafting “quality, functional and purposeful products” representing the theatrical creativity of Gaga and Gaga’s French bulldog, Miss Asia Kinney.
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Hollywood Hologram Wars: Vicious Legal Feud Behind Virtual Mariah, Marilyn & Mick

Every day, a small Beverly Hills showroom plays host to a who's who of global celebrities. They're all hyper-realistic holograms, part of a showcase for a tantalizing technology that has the potential to dramat­ic­ally alter the entertainment business by reviving dead stars and allowing living ones to be in multiple places at any given moment.