Prince Harvey

Prince Harvey Records Entire New Album Inside Apple Store

Rapper Prince Harvey is set to release his latest album, PHATASS, later this month, this album is unique to other rap albums on the charts -- it wasn't made in a studio or on his own computer. The New York City rapper's entire album was recorded at the Apple Store in SoHo.
Miguel Ignacio Mendoza

Chino & Nacho's Nacho Rescues Stranded Fans

Thanks directly to Nacho’s generosity on July 5 after a chance encounter, an unlucky couple stranded in Panama’s airport for two days was finally able to purchase tickets to return home after missing their original flight.
Geto Boys legend Brad "Scarface" Jordan

Geto Boys' Scarface Hospitalized in Houston

In the midst of Geto Boys' 2015 tour, group member and solo rap legend Scarface was hospitalized in Houston on June 30. The trio performed a show in Albuquerque, NM, the day before.