Rihanna Hits the Runway -- This Time as a Designer

Rihanna is certainly used to stopping the show, whether as a performer or as a fashion figure whose daring choices can make headlines. But at New York Fashion Week, she let her models make the splashy entrances.
Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Joined by 'Philly Elvis' in Philadelphia: Watch

Nick Ferrara, famously known in Springsteen lore as "The Philly Elvis" famously profiled in the 2013 documentary, Springsteen and I, got his very own "hey baby" moment when he held up a sign requesting an opportunity to dance with violinist Soozie Tyrell.
Fugees' 'The Score' at 20: Classic Track-by-Track Album Review

Fugees' 'The Score' at 20: Classic Track-by-Track Album Review

By 1996, the world had seen plenty of hip-hop blockbusters. Some of these albums were poppy, some were gangsta, and some were given that slightly condescending label “socially conscious.” Few, if any, checked all three boxes, and none did so more successfully -- artistically or commercially -- than the sophomore effort from Fugees.