Richard Nichols from The Roots

Questlove Writes Poignant Tribute to Late Roots Manager Richard Nichols

On July 17, Roots manager Richard Nichols lost a long battle with leukemia and the music world lost a figure who was almost as instrumental in forming the band as Questlove and Black Thought. Unsurprisingly, the Roots drummer found the right words to pay tribute to his dear friend in a gripping obituary.
Hollywood record promoter and movie producer Joe Isgro leaves the courtroom in 2014

Figure in '80s Payola Scandal Now Faces Mob-Linked Charges

He's been one of the nation's most influential record promoters, the producer of an Oscar-nominated movie, a defendant who successfully fought racketeering charges in a high-profile payola case, and an admitted loan shark who shook down borrowers in ritzy Beverly Hills. Now the roller-coaster life of Joe Isgro is taking another plunge, with new charges that he helped run a mob-linked gambling operation.
Viacom Spent Millions After T.I. Reality Show Airs Dead Man's Body

Viacom Spent Millions After T.I. Reality Show Airs Dead Man's Body

From the annals of reality show nightmares comes the tale of how Viacom had to spend millions of dollars after the MTV reality series "T.I's Road to Redemption" showed a dead man's body during its premiere episode, titled "You Are Responsible for Your Own Actions."
Devo's Booji Boy

Weird Merch: Devo's Booji Boy Mask

Devo have added an item to their merchandise that my not be as controversial as their Energy Dome hats, but is certainly more creepy: a Booji Boy mask.